( Cincinnati ) - No shortage of metal plates on roads, safety fencing, and heavy equipment downtown and in Over-the-Rhine for awhile yet.

As of Friday, April 25, construction crews have laid over 6,600 feet of track for the streetcar. This week, they started laying the curved track across the intersection of Race Street and Central Parkway. The westbound lanes of Central Parkway are scheduled to be closed until 7am Monday.

A new restriction will start on Tuesday, April 29. On-street parking will be blocked on eastbound Court Street between Main and Walnut. That restriction is expected to last until about mid-May.

On the other side of downtown, construction on Phase IIA of The Banks will start on Monday. That's the block west of Rosa Parks to Race that's between Second and Freedom Way. That'll bring about 300 more apartments and 20,000 square feet of more retail and office space to The Banks. It may also be the start of GE's new global services center. The Banks, Oakley, and Mason are all vying to land that facility.