(Cincinnati, Oh.)--A judge has denied a change of plea request, from a man accused of breaking and entering vacant and abandoned homes claiming them, as his own.




Robert Carr was scheduled to be sentenced Monday as part of a plea deal, but filed a handwritten motion earlier this month, asking to withdraw his plea. His request was refused by the judge Monday, who instead sentenced Carr to seven months in prison, minus time served, on one count of breaking and entering. Carr had previously accepted the plea deal that dropped three counts of theft, and two other counts of breaking and entering. Carr was also ordered to pay restitution,




Court documents, say Carr would find and clam empty homes in areas including Springdale, Forest Park, Fairfield and Hamilton. Car would change the homes locks and then file a "quiet title" with the county, claiming ownership of properties.




At least 10 families clamed Carr attempted to take ownership of their home, but charges were only filed in four cases.