(Cincinnati) -- With the Central Parkway bike lane on hold until next week, Mayor John Cranley says he still wants to promote a robust cycling environment.  He is proposing nearly $2 million to jump start the bike share program, and for more bike trails around the City. 

The bike share program, which has been under development since 2012, would let people rent bikes from kiosks.  Cranley's plan would have it operational by this summer.  There would be 300 rentable bicycles from 35 stations.

He also proposes spending $200,000 apiece on four different bike trails: Wasson Way, Oasis Corridor, Mill Creek and the Ohio River Trail West.

The Wasson Way trail would stretch from near Xavier University, to the Little Miami Trail, near Newtown.

The Oasis Corridor would run from Downtown to Lunken Airport.  There's already a trail around the airport, and one along the river from Paul Brown Stadium to Theodore Berry International Friendship Park.

The first phase of the Ohio River Trail West would go between Lower Price Hill to Gilday Riverside Playfield.

The funding would also pay for an extension of the Mill Creek Greenway Trail, including planning for the West Fork Creek Greenway Trail, leading to Mount Airy Forest.

Cranley says with the debate over the Central Parkway bike lane, he wanted to reaffirm his commitment to cycling in Cincinnati.  He says he's heard a lot of feedback over bike lanes, both for and against.  He says the arguments over lanes along Riverside, and Delta Avenue, are not much different than the fight over bike lanes on Central Parkway, which has been put off as Council considers alternatives.

One alternative is to cut down trees along the road, so on-street parking isn't eliminated or hampered.  Another is to direct cyclists onto the nearly parallel Central Avenue.  A special session of the Transportation Committee has been called for Thursday to discuss the issue.