(Cincinnati, Oh)--Procter and Gamble has announced they will use new standards on the way the company buys palm oil, in an effort to help stop deforestation.



The company has announced they want to find better ways to trace where the product is coming from and work with other groups to make sure it's acquired in a way that does not destroy the rainforest.




This announcement comes about a month after nine Greenpeace protesters repelled down the side of the P&G buildings, hanging a pair of 60-foot banners from the towers, protesting their palm oil practices.




P&G has committed to; ensuring that will be no deforestation in the palm supply chain to plantations by 2020. Continue to support universal human rights as outlined in P&G’s existing Sustainability Guidelines for Suppliers, and to support the rights of indigenous people. The company also says they plan to report annually on their progress toward achieving these goals.




A statement from the company says, these new goals go beyond their current commitments, which were already certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.




Greenpeace protesters staged similar actions 2 weeks ago at P&G's headquarters in 5 other countries including Indonesia and the United Kingdome.




Greenpeace said in a statement that they applaud P&G for making stronger commitment to sourcing sustainable palm oil.