(Northside) --  The Littlefield is the latest restaurant to open up in a Cincinnati neighborhood that seems to be booming, after only 15 years of redevelopment efforts.  The building, at 3924 Spring Grove, is about 100 years old, and was scheduled for demolition before the developers bought it, and turned it into a restaurant with an eye for bourbon and craft beers.

You won't find a lot of chains or franchise businesses in the neighborhood, and Northside Business Association President Bruce Demske says that's just how they like it.  He says they want to keep the "funky" quality of the neighborhood, and keep it unique.

Demske says many of the businesses in Northside are owned by people who live in the neighborhood.

Along with new, locally-owned small businesses, Northside is also seeing renewed interest in the residential sector.  Demske says citywide, their neighborhood saw the biggest jump in home prices in the last year.

Demske says Littlefield is a little further south, off of the Hamilton Avenue business corridor, and that shows that the business district is growing outward.