(Cincinnati) -- The property tax rollback was created to offset a sales tax, enacted to pay for construction of Paul Brown Stadium, and Great American Ballpark.  But, that tax hasn't performed as expected, so, the County chipped away at the rollback. 

Wednesday, Hamilton County Commissioners restored part of the rollback.  The author of the proposal, Greg Hartmann says they'll increase the PTR by $14 million, meaning the owner of a home worth $100,000 will receive $50 back from the County.  Hartmann originally wanted a $12 million PTR, but increased it to win the vote of Commission President Chris Monzel.

Monzel says he wants the rollback restored to 100% of what was promised taxpayers, and says this is a good start.  Todd Portune voted against the proposal, offering instead a half-cent sales tax increase to shore up the stadium fund.

On another topic, Portune suggested Hamilton County do a better job of using Paul Brown Stadium for events other than Bengals games.  He says he looked into moving the Colerain-Moeller state high school football playoff game to PBS, but there were too many variables, too much risk, and not enough time to get the game moved.  He says Hamilton County should revisit the policy that requires the cost of any event at the stadium to be covered ahead of time.

Commissioners Monzel and Hartmann are also interesting in using Paul Brown Stadium for high school playoff games.  And Hartmann says they should try to land the state championship game as well.  He says with the progress made in the attempt to host the Colerain-Moeller match up this year, they've got a good start for next year.