( Martinsville, OH ) - Three Village of Martinsville employees were indicted Wednesday on several charges including theft in office. Police say that the three suspects misused over $100,000 of Village funds. Two other suspects are still under investigation but no other information is being released at this time.

Police arrested Martinsville Village Council President, 74-year-old Carole Robinson; Martinsville Village Administrator, 35-year-old Patience Comberger; and Martinsville General Laborer, 33-year-old James Robinson.

Carole Robinson is accused of paying regular salaries to her friend, Patience Comberger, and grandson, James Robinson, for work never performed on behalf of the village. The Council President is also alledged to have let her grandson spend thousands of dollars on equipment to make meth labs. One of the meth labs was allegedly found inside the Village pump house.

The three arrested were taken to the Clinton County Jail following their arrests.