(Cincinnati, OH) -- Eight members of a Greenpeace demonstration will stand trial for burglary and vandalism in October, after a very visible protest in March of this year.

Another protester, 35 year old Charles Long, of Oakland, California, will plead guilty to a lesser felony, and will likely avoid jail time.

Last March, the members of Greenpeace got past security, and up to the towers, where they hung banners decrying the company's use of palm oil.  One demonstrator was dressed as a tiger, as they claimed palm oil use was leading to deforestation and destruction of the rain forest.

P&G says all that was destroyed was their property, to the tune of $18,000.

Defense attorneys say anything broken was broken when they got there.  They've asked to take the jury to the towers for a tour. Judge Robert Winkler will rule August 18th on that request.   The trial is scheduled to start October 27th.