Richmond, Va. (  

A former longtime aide to Bob McDonnell testified he was horrified when he heard the former first lady pitching Anatabloc to Mitt Romney's wife. Phil Cox says Maureen McDonnell showed up at a campaign event for Mitt Romney in South Carolina with Jonnie Williams in tow. Cox believed they wanted to talk to the presidential candidate about Williams product but instead got into a conversation with Ann Romney, who listened patiently.

Cox described it as a train wreck when he heard Mrs. McDonnell telling Mrs. Romney Anatabloc could potentially cure her multiple sclerosis, and Cox jumped into the conversation, taking it in another direction. Bob McDonnell, considered at time as a possible running mate for Romney, was also present at the campaign event in Janaury 2012.

Cox also said he was the person who objected to Jonnie Williams buying Maureen McDonnell a gown for her husband's inauguration. She eventually took a raincheck and Williams took her on a $20,000 shopping spree in New York City.

Wiliams wrapped up several days of testimony by denying her ever had an intimate relationship with Maureen McDonnell saying "I've never had any physical conact with her...period."

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