Ashland, VA ( -  Crashes on both I-95 and Route 1 tied up traffic big-time on both routes through Ashland -- with I-95 southbound delays at one point ranging from Lewistown Road to Carmel Church.  Around 1pm, a crash blocked both the right and center lanes on southbound 95 at Lewistown.  State police say a few more crashes happened in the backup... stringing the backup to almost 15 miles.  They opened all the lanes back up in time for the rush hour.  However, a large vehicle broke down at Lewistown afterward necessitating a left-lane closure during the afternoon rush.  Backups maintained through the rush 8 miles.

One of the backup routes to that crash became a nightmare with a terrible multi-vehicle crash on Route 1 at North Lakeridge Parkway.  A child and two adults were thrown from a vehicle, and the Hanover Sheriff's Department says at least two had to be taken to VCU.  This crash happened round 2pm, and investigators and cleanup crews had to keep Route 1 closed between Ashcake and Lewistown roads through the afternoon rush as well.