(NEWSER– Autopsy results are in for Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, showing that Walker died of traumatic and thermal injuries, while Rodas died of traumatic injuries. But many questions still surround the fatal car accident, CNNreports:

  • Did something go wrong with the car? The Porsche Carrera GT has been called "the most dangerous car on the road." And one friend tells CNN he heard a blastbefore the car hit the light pole, speculating that it sounded a bit like a tire blowing.
  • Was driver error to blame? Police are still trying to determine the speed the car was going at the time, and toxicology results for Walker and Rodas are also pending. Skid marks near the crash site indicate a car that was in the area was doing "donut spins," but a friend who examined them closely says he believes they are from a car with smaller tires.

Picture by: Splash News