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Jimmy Barrett


AMAZING: Suspect Escapes Cuffs and Gets Lighter

The ending is unexpected, to say the least.
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FUNNY: Bad Lip Reading of the Democrats

Ebullicant. Respeciment. Toelingus.
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VIDEO: How Does a Blimp Crash Land?

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VIDEO: Sen. Kaine and Stephen Colbert

He's having fun in late night.
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VIDEO: Smoking Hot

This hot wings prank spooks the waitress.
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VIDEO: A Rubber Chicken Fan

Most rubber chickens don't squeak.
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WATCH: A Blimp Crash Landing

Seems comfy.
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WATCH: Tim Kaine on the Late Show

Playing the harmonica and laughing at the fun.
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Mike Mayo's New Movies

Don't Breathe, Hands of Stone, and more.
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WATCH: How Hot Are These Hot Wings?

A smoking prank really gets this server.
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