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Jimmy Barrett


WATCH: Teacher Makes Song for His New Students

"Welcome to the 4th Grade"
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WATCH: Grand Slam Breaks Windshield

It hit the batter's OWN CAR.
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VIDEO: Ryan Lochte's Song

Created by Virginia's own Gregory Brothers.
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Mike Mayo's New Videos

The Nice Guys and The Huntsman
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WATCH: Autotuning Ryan Lochte's Confession

"Drunk Frat Boy"
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VIDEO: Suspects Escapes Cuffs Inside Police Car

Wait until you see what happens next.
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VIDEO: Putting Words in Their Mouths

Bad Lip Reading of the Democratic Convention.
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WATCH: Amazing Police Car Video

Watch what happens when this suspect gets his Zippo out.
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WATCH: Bad Lip Reading - DNC

It's hilarious when they get made to say more absurd things than they normally say.
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VIDEO: Burger Reference Confuses Star Trek Stars

It's no wonder considering which restaurant she named.
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