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Jimmy Barrett


VIDEO: A Blimp Crash Lands

Looks comfy.
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FUNNY: Tim Kaine on the Late Show

Playing the harmonica and laughing at himself.
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FUNNY: Smoking Hot Hot Wings Prank

Milk really is better for spicy foods.
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VIDEO: When the Rubber Chicken Hits the Fan

There's no real purpose for this video. It's just amusing.
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VIDEO: Moscow's Answer to The Avengers!

Russia gets their first superhero movie.
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VIDEO: Seal Escapes Orcas

Good thing that boat was there.
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VIDEO: New Teacher Makes Song for New Students

"Welcome to the Fourth Grade."
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VIDEO: Batter Hits His Own Car with Grand Slam

"It was worth it," he later tweeted.
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FUNNY: The Ryan Lochte Song

"Drunk Frat Boy"
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AMAZING: Suspect Escapes Cuffs and Gets Lighter

The ending is unexpected, to say the least.
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