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Jimmy Barrett


WATCH: A Blimp Crash Landing

Seems comfy.
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WATCH: Tim Kaine on the Late Show

Playing the harmonica and laughing at the fun.
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Mike Mayo's New Movies

Don't Breathe, Hands of Stone, and more.
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WATCH: How Hot Are These Hot Wings?

A smoking prank really gets this server.
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WATCH: Rubber Chicken Hits the Fan

The no good reason for this. It's just amusing.
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VIDEO: Russian Superheroes!

Moscow's answer to The Avengers!
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VIDEO: Seal Jumps Into a Boat

The why, though, is pretty awe inspiring.
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WATCH: Seal Escapes Killer Whales

Good thing that boat was there.
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WATCH: Russia Is Getting Their First Superhero Film

A bear-man, a guy with sickles, a guy who manipulates concrete ... VERY Russian.
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VIDEO: New Teacher Makes Song for New Students

Such enthusiasm for his job. Enjoy it before he's crushed by the system.
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