It’s never easy to leave a place you love.  I want to thank my friends and listeners in Richmond, VA for their incredible support over the last couple of years.  Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to me and welcoming me to your family. 


As many of you know, I recently accepted the opportunity of a lifetime, to rejoin my family in my home state of Kentucky and become a part of the long time tradition of one of America’s great heritage radio stations 84WHAS. 


Much like WRVA in Richmond, WHAS is legendary for its place in the community conversation about the most important things facing our society and our nation. 


I’ll be honest, there’s no other place that I would have left Richmond for.  My wife and I have grown to love Virginia as our own and the Commonwealth will hold a special place in our hearts forever. 


It was important to me that I left you in great hands with a show host who would measure up to your standards for community service and straight forward discussion.  That is why I continued to do the afternoon show in Richmond while starting my new program in Louisville.  Jimmy Barrett and the management team at WRVA have found just that person, and I’m pleased to introduce him to you today at and .  He’ll be taking over the chair next Monday permanently and you will absolutely love him. 


I want to thank all of your for your friendship and wish you the very best.  As for me, friendship is never temporary, so I hope that you’ll continue to be involved in the discussion here on my Facebook page, and of course, there is always where you can catch my new show from 9-noon and the podcasts whenever you want them.


It has been an honor to serve you on the airwaves.  As I continue the fight for smaller government and more liberty in my home state, I encourage you to do the same wherever you are.  God bless each and every one of you, and God bless the Commonwealth of Virginia – may she continue to be the beacon of freedom to the entire world. 

I leave you with this -- a cheers to you and yours: